Healthy Workplace In the News


Interested in finding out more about Carleton University’s Healthy Workplace initiative and the Healthy Workplace Committee? Here is a compendium of articles that profile the health and wellness plan and some of its dedicated supporters.

More news stories will be added in future so be sure to check this page often for more health and wellness news and updates.

Carleton Now

  • October 2016 – “October is Healthy Workplace Month!”
  • April 2015 – “Healthy Workplace Fair showcases services and support”
  • September 2013 – “Steps to Better Health”
  • October 2012 – “October Highlights Healthy Habits”
  • June 2012 – “CU Healthier Challenge Pushed Participants in Many Ways”
  • March 2011 – “Making wellness a reality and priority”
  • October 2010 – “High satisfaction with Healthy Workplace: survey”
  • May 2010 – “Health benefits of physical activity for adults”
  • October 2009 – “Working toward a healthier workplace”
  • September 2009 – “Carleton introduces workplace walking program”
  • June 2009 – “Carleton launches Healthy Workplace committee”
  • March 2009 – “New Healthy Workplace Committee Chair”

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