Healthy Workplace and Learning & Professional Development are collaborating to offer these virtual Working from Home Group Workshop Series for Parents, led by Dr. Jacqueline Legacy, C.Psych. Our aim is to provide support to Carleton University faculty and staff in the form of a series of group sessions that focus on skills to manage stress and anxiety in the context of parenting. These groups are open to all Carleton University faculty and staff who want to connect with colleagues and share current experiences while developing strategies to manage current stressors and improve coping. Please note: these are not therapy groups but rather psychoeducational workshops with group discussion and group problem solving.

If you are interested, please read below to find out more.

What topics will be discussed in group meetings?

Stress and anxiety management for parents:

  • Introduction to stress and anxiety in adults and children
  • Relaxation strategies to help manage stress and anxiety (relaxation breathing, progressive muscle relaxation)
  • Behavioural strategies to help with stress and anxiety (exercise, diet, social interaction, pleasurable activities)
  • Introduction to mindfulness
  • Learning how to tolerate uncertainty and other difficult emotions
  • Parenting support in the context of COVID-19 

Working from home:

  • Setting up a routine that works for both parents and kids
  • Group discussions regarding current challenges
  • Group problem solving to help address current challenges
  • Maintaining work-life balance

How will the group meetings be structured?

  • Number of participants: 8 – 10 members (faculty and staff)
  • Number of sessions: six weekly sessions, each lasting 60 minutes
  • Dates and times: two groups will run from Thursday, November 12th to Thursday, December 17th, one at 10:00AM and one at 1:00PM
  • Commitment: Participants are expected to commit to attending all six sessions
  • Platform for meeting: Microsoft Teams
  • Dates for the sessions include:
    • Thursday, November 12 (10:00AM or 1:00PM)
    • Thursday, November 19 (10:00AM or 1:00PM)
    • Thursday, November 26 (10:00AM or 1:00PM)
    • Thursday, December 3 (10:00AM or 1:00PM)
    • Thursday, December 10 (10:00AM or 1:00PM)
    • Thursday, December 17 (10:00AM or 1:00PM)

What happens after I register?

Space in the groups are limited. Once registered, you will be sent an invitation through Microsoft Teams to attend the sessions.

More Questions?

Please reach out to us at for any further questions or inquiries.

** If you are not a parent, we are also hosting a Stress Management Group Workshop Series for a general audience. Find out more here.

How Do I Sign Up?

Registration for this group is now closed. If you’re interested in being contacted about future group workshops, please email

Please Note: This group is a workshop or a psychoeducational group that is intended to provide general information about stress, anxiety, and adjusting to working from home. If you are in need of or seeking more individualized support, please see the resources below:

Reduced fee services:

If you are in need of immediate help/support – Call a distress helpline:

  • Crisis Line (Ottawa): 613-722-6914 or toll free 1-866-996-0991
  • Distress Centre (Ottawa): 613-238-3311
  • Youth Services Bureau Crisis Line: 613-260-2360 or 1-877-337-7775
  • Call 911 or go to a Hospital Emergency Department