Money Management Challenge

** The winner of the 2021 Money Management Challenge is Kemi Obando – Congratulations Kemi! ** 

In celebration of Financial Literacy Month, Healthy Workplace is challenging you to take the 30-day Money Management Challenge during the month of November!

Throughout the month of November, you will track everything that you spend money on – down to that cup of Tim Hortons coffee! We have created an easy-to-use spreadsheet to help you track daily.

This challenge will help you become more aware of where your money is going and to create more mindfulness in your spending habits.

At the end of the challenge – don’t worry, you don’t have to submit your spreadsheet! – everyone who has participated will be entered to win an awesome prize! All you have to do is email Healthy Workplace with the email subject “I took the Money Management Challenge this month!” in order to be entered to win.


Registration is now closed.