Carleton University’s Healthy Workplace Plan 2014-2016

Healthy Conversations, Healthy Relationships, Healthy People, Healthy Community

Carleton University adopted Excellence Canada’s Healthy Workplace criteria in 2009 as a beacon to guide it through its Healthy Workplace (HWP) journey. This university-wide initiative promotes an ongoing culture of health and wellness – physical and mental – to all faculty and staff (employees) across campus. The Healthy Workplace Initiative has celebrated many successes since its inception as evidenced in an increase in the awareness of the importance of a healthy workplace. Carleton University is witnessing a cultural shift that will form the foundation of the next phase of the Healthy Workplace Initiative.

The title of the HWP Plan, Healthy Conversations, Healthy Relationships, Healthy People, Healthy Community, is the bedrock of a supportive and healthy workplace. Based on the analysis and results of the needs assessment, overarching goals and three areas of strategic focus for future activities have been identified, along with key performance indicators to track the success of Carleton’s journey.

Download a PDF of the Healthy Workplace Plan.

Progress Update

As of April 2015, Carleton University is one year in to the Healthy Workplace Plan. To view updates on our progress, please download this PDF of the Operational Plan Progress Updates document.

Overarching Goals

Goal 1-1: To ensure key priorities for Healthy Workplace as outlined in this plan are linked and
integrated with the Strategic Integrated Plan (SIP) and a Human Resources Plan.
Goal 1-2: To ensure the continued planning and commitment of financial, human and other
resources, for the overall healthy workplace strategy and related programs.
Goal 1-3: To conduct regular assessments and progress evaluations of the Healthy Workplace
Plan (related programs and goals, and workplace performance) to determine
strengths and opportunities for improvement.
Goal 1-4: To communicate the Healthy Workplace Plan and messages across the university.
Goal 1-5: To enhance a supportive workplace where there is an understanding of employees’
roles and responsibilities to contribute to a healthy workplace at all levels of the
university. With specific emphasis on those who manage people and their relationships.
Goal 1-6: To recognize staff achievement in meeting job and healthy workplace goals.
Goal 1-7: To achieve recognition and certification for our efforts to a healthy workplace by
Excellence Canada. Obtain Level 2 in 2014 and Level 3 in 2016.

Strategic Areas of Focus

Our research data and needs assessment identified three strategic areas of focus: Health Promotion, Work-Life Balance, and Mental Health.

Strategic Area of Focus: Health Promotion
Healthy Workplace offers workshops and information sessions to the campus community about, but not limited to, nutrition, stress and health, and work-life balance. These are presented from both traditional and holistic approaches. In partnership with the university’s Athletics department, activities are also offered to help incorporate fitness into everyday life, as well as facilitating participation in physical activity for all sectors on campus.

Strategic Area of Focus: Work-Life Balance
To encourage all members of the Carleton community, at all levels, to embrace, understand and recognize the importance of achieving work-life balance.

Strategic Area of Focus: Mental Health
Building on the university’s sound foundation of psychological and physical health and safety initiatives, Carleton is looking at steps to further develop a culture of psychological safety and health through concrete, sustainable actions.

Key Performance Measures
To quantify the current state of health and productivity indicators, Carleton is using data from a variety of different sources in order to establish the healthy workplace metrics and baseline measures for measuring success. These measures will provide an indication of the impact of the HWP Plan.