Key Performance Measures Healthy-measurement

To quantify the current state of health and productivity indicators, Carleton is using data from a variety of different sources in order to establish the healthy workplace metrics and baseline measures for measuring success. These measures will provide an indication of the impact of the HWP Plan.

It is recognized that trends could change as awareness of health issues grows across campus in the following areas:

Trending Outcomes:

  • Overall Health Benefits usage*
  • Employee and Family Assistance usage*
  • Sick leave (including long-term disability)
    • Average sick days reported per employee (CUASA does not report sick leave)
  • Annual Leave balances (less than 30 days each year)
  • *Note: For the Great-West Life and EFAP reports, only summary information is provided to maintain strict employee privacy.

Key Performance Measures:

  • Healthy Workplace program participation and evaluation
  • Survey results:
    • Carleton Customer Satisfaction Survey (annually) results.
      • Since 2002, Carleton has surveyed employees (and students in a separate survey) on their satisfaction with services on campus. The employee version focuses on service areas that are used by a large number of faculty and staff. However, to ensure that the survey is not too long, questions about some services are asked only every 2 or 3 years.
    • Employee Engagement Survey results
      • Currently being developed by Human Resources and expected in 2014 and every three years after. This survey would measure employee engagement across the university.