Dr. Linda Duxbury’s “Balancing Work, Childcare and Eldercare” National Surveyprofile-duxbury-linda

In 2011-2012, Dr. Linda Duxbury of Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business, and Dr. Christopher Higgins, of the University of Western Ontario’s Ivey School of Business, conducted a national study of work-life balance in Canada. Just over 25,000 employed Canadians participated in the study, which focused on the work-life experiences of employed caregivers.

Here are the Carleton University results.

Carleton Satisfaction Survey

Carleton University strives to offer its students an outstanding university experience and is continuously working to improve services offered to students, as well as to faculty and staff. An essential part of this process is getting feedback from the university community through surveys such as the Carleton University Satisfaction Survey. This particular Survey focuses on various services and campus facilities at Carleton. The faculty/staff Survey is done in the spring, while the student Survey is done in the fall. The student and faculty/staff Satisfaction Surveys have some questions in common, but not all questions are asked of both groups. Most campus services are included in this survey on a two- or three-year cycle in an attempt to limit the length of the survey. There is space at the end of the questionnaire to provide comments on any topic, and the written comments are compiled and sent to the appropriate service managers.

Positive feedback from Carleton Satisfaction Survey for Employees 2013

Based on your personal experiences over the past 12 months, what service to employees has experienced the greatest overall improvement?

  • The Healthy Workplace initiative has made Carleton a more pleasant place to work.
  • Healthy Workplace initiative is excellent.
  • Healthy Workplace activities are a welcome addition to my routine.
  • I’ve really enjoyed the initiatives of the Healthy Workplace – it’s great to have something healthy to do at lunch (yoga, information sessions, sports)
  • I think the Healthy Workplace has received the greatest overall improvement with a lot more programs that are so varied that they are of interest to a great number of people.
  • Healthy Workplace: The effort to get people out of the office and interact with people from various departments in a variety of activities has expanded considerably over the past year. The range of activities includes something for almost everyone and has been a great improvement in the scope of activities available to help relieve workplace stress.
  • Healthy Workplace. There is a culture shift happening on campus, and it’s amazing to see. We’re poised to be pioneers in healthy workplace programming, and I think that is going to have widespread positive benefits on this university. I know we’re a business, but I don’t think there’s another service that has a broader impact on the bottom line, on everything from student recruitment to retention. Happy, engaged, healthy employees who feel as though their employer is investing in them give incredible returns.
  • Healthy Workplace. It seems more events are happening all the time and I expect continued growth in months/years to come.
  • Healthy Workplace, getting people out of their seats and moving.
  • Healthy Workplace is an excellent program that I participated in and it really helped improve my life at work.
  • Healthy Workplace is a great initiative and I hope it continues to grow as I feel it has been the best experience so far for employees.
  • Healthy Workplace unit. Very impressed with the lunch programs the unit runs.

Additional comments on services to employees

  • I have also seen a great improvement on the Healthy Workplace programming. It is nice having these workshops and events and I think this shows how much the university cares about their employees. Way to go Carleton!
  • I think the Healthy Workplace initiative is a great way to get staff motivated to embrace a healthier lifestyle.
  • Healthy Workplace […] a reminder to me each day that Carleton is committed to the wellbeing of the community. I appreciate the commitment and hope to see the services continue moving forward. I truly believe in order to provide great service you have to be at your best. These services help us to be our best individually and as a team.

Here are the full Healthy Workplace results:

Healthy Workplace Programs and Activities Testimonials

Eat Clean Challenge

– I personally was having a hard time with the Eat Clean Challenge (only 7 checks last week and none so far this week), and now I feel excited about the challenge because of the awesome resources on your [Pinterest] nutrition board! I love what you are doing with these monthly challenges. They are a lot of fun, so thank you for these as well!

Information Sessions

– I just wanted to follow-up after attending yesterday’s Nutrition for the Healthy Heart seminar. It was an excellent seminar with a great deal of information. What I found most beneficial was practical level of information. For example, it’s common to hear “lower your saturated fats” but Cindy actually gave details as to how far to lower it and how to do that in my day-to-day life. Excellent seminar! Thanks for co-ordinating it.

Motivational Chalk Messages in the Stairwells keep calm and climb on

– Just wanted to say that the chalk messages in the stairwell are BRILLIANT! I really do find them motivating as I literally TRUDGE up the stairs (maybe in another couple of weeks, the word will be SPRINT ! )

– Just a note that the chalk “graffiti” in the Robertson stairwells makes me smile every time I take the stairs.

Summer Fun Webpage

– I just wanted to congratulate AND thank you for this brilliant idea of featuring summer activities to do [on the Summer Fun webpage]. I absolutely love it! It is a great resource and I plan on using a lot in the next few days/weeks with company coming to visit!

– I just wanted to thank you for the Summer Fun page. What a great initiative! I have relatives coming over this summer and this will make it easier for me to find an exciting shows or festivals to go to! There are activities for everyone!

Yoga Among the Art


– I really enjoyed the Fall Class. We sit way too much at our desks looking at a computer, it was great to relax, breathe and do some stretching.

– This is an excellent program that really helped me while it was running, thank you so much for starting it up and please continue it if you can.

– Thank you for organizing this! It’s a lovely break.

Outdoor Walking Group

– I just wanted to say I have enjoyed walking with you and the others in the [Outdoor Walking] group. It is a good way to meet other Carleton colleagues and get some exercise.

Lunchtime Hockey

– I just love this initiative. This is great to stay in shape! I hope this activity will always be offered in the future. Thanks a lot for coming up with this.

– Great job organizing this pick-up. it was a total blast and i look forward to the next incarnation.

– I really think this a wonderful opportunity to play pick-up hockey on a great ice surface at a really good time (for a good price!) — I’m surprised more people don’t take advantage of it.

– Thank you for doing this. I know how lucky we are to have this at work.

Outdoor Tai Chi

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 5 43 20 PM

– It was a great course and I would be interested to continue for additional sessions. We were shown and had a chance to practice all of the movements but I believe that there are few of us that actually learned the movements well enough to be able to continue on our own. A continuation of the summer session would be beneficial and might lead to the establishment of a self-sustaining group.

Parking Stickers for Athletics

– What a tremendous idea this [parking sticker for Athletics] was. Thank you very much. Saves me $3 each Saturday.