Workplace Mental Health Workshops and Training Opportunities

Carleton University values organizational health and the physical and psychological health and well-being of its faculty and staff, and recognizes that workplace factors impact mental health and mental illness. Carleton also recognizes the importance of addressing the stigma of mental health and fostering a supportive work environment for all employees.

The university is focusing on workplace mental health initiatives to further support and uphold its commitment to ensuring the university is a healthy, safe, and supportive place to work for all staff and faculty. As such, Carleton University is continuing its partnership with Morneau Shepell in 2017 to offer a suite of workshops to promote positive mental health at Carleton. Workshops will be offered throughout the year to staff and faculty.

Workshops include: Mental Health Awareness, Resiliency Awareness, Resiliency at Work and a Workplace Mental Health Leadership Certificate for managers.

For more details, please visit Learning and Professional Development.