Daniel McNeil headshot in front of green tree branchesHistory Professor Daniel McNeil is one of the drafters of a letter that offers concrete and material proposals to help redress the legacies of systemic anti-Black racism in our community. A short excerpt is included below with the full article, “Profs, alumni urge Carleton to accept eight commitments to build ‘anti-racist university,'” available online. (The link includes a copy of the letter as well.)

A group of Carleton University professors, lecturers, staff, students and alumni are urging the university to adopt an eight-step plan to combat “direct and outspoken racism, hate-speech and microaggressions that Black students, staff, and faculty at Carleton have regularly reported on campus.”

A letter, drafted co-operatively and with input from 42 members of the university, was delivered to Carleton President Benoît-Antoine Bacon on Tuesday. It was signed by more than 500 people and is still be circulated to garner more signatures of support, said Daniel McNeil, a professor in the department of history and one of the drafters of the letter.