Graduate Courses, 2017-2018

Since a number of graduate courses are negotiated with individual instructors according to student needs, many of them are not listed as part of the regular course schedule. Therefore, directed studies, reading courses, and courses related to the thesis-writing stage will not be listed below, but students are encouraged to consult the graduate calendar for the full range of courses we offer. Ph.D. students in particular are encouraged to discuss course options with their supervisor or the graduate supervisor. Note that the public history graduate courses are available to all interested graduate students, and are not restricted solely to those in the public history stream. Scheduled times will be available in late May in Carleton Central. Please check Carleton Central regularly for any changes. Classroom locations will be posted by September 1.

Please note that we no longer cross-list graduate courses with fourth-year seminars.

Disclaimer: this list of courses is drawn up several months in advance and is subject to change.

Course Timetable Instructor
HIST 5003G: Historical Theory and Method Fall
S. Lipsett-Rivera
HIST 5211F: Consumption Fall D. Kinsey
HIST 5212W: European History Special Topics – “Mobility, Space, and the Past Winter P. Nelles
HIST 5315W: State and Society in Canadian History – “State and Society in Canadian History: Governmentality, Territory, and Population Winter J. Walsh
HIST 5316F: Canadian History Special Topics – “After Innis: Geography, Environment, and the North in the Writing of Canadian History Fall J. Dean
HIST 5410A: United States History Special Topics – “The Global Cold War Fall C. Sobers
HIST 5511A: History of Sexuality Special Topics – “Transnational History of the Transgressive Winter S. Klausen
HIST 5700F: Introduction to Public History Fall D. Dean
HIST 5701F: Archival Theory and Practice Fall S. Perry
HIST 5702F: Public History Special Topics – “Politics of Commemoration Fall J.-P. Morin
HIST 5702W: Public History Special Topics – “Topics in Digital History Winter
S. Graham
HIST 5702X: Public History Special Topics – “Narrativity and Performance in Public History Winter D. Dean
HIST 5710W: Race and Empire Winter A. Diptee
HIST 6808T: Historical Theory and Method Fall and Winter J. Evans