Instructor: Professor John C. Walsh

Introduction:  This course explores the thriving literatures focussed on the historical transformations in Canadian governmentalities and state formation. There is a particular focus on how the political “discovery” of population and territory in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries intersected with imperial and settler colonialisms. Topics include: census taking, public schooling, emigrant / immigrant sheds and hospitals, reserves, land surveying, and management of nature.

Class Format: We meet once / week in a three-hour block. The first 10 weeks will be meetings predicated on the readings and there will be a mini class conference at the end of the course at which students will present their research assignments for the course.

Aims and Goals: Our goal is to better understand how “power” is being theorized and empirically researched by Canadian historians and to apply that insight into a major research project.

Assessment:  A) Attendance, Seminar Leadership, and Participation: 25%; B) Conference Presentation and Paper Proposal: 15%;  C) 7500-word research essay working with the collections at Library and Archives Canada (due at the end of the exam period): 60%.

Text:  There is no core text. Readings will be made available electronically or otherwise via Library Reserve (ARES).

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