HIST 5316W: Canadian History Special Topics: Indigenous Histories
Winter 2022

Instructor: Professor Michel Hogue  

Course Description: This course has two main goals. First, we will focus attention on Indigenous epistemologies and historical traditions as expressed both inside and outside the academy. Second, we will historicize the twentieth-century English Canadian historical profession in order to understand the way that Indigenous histories have been represented by historians. Our goal: to understand both the challenge that these Indigenous epistemologies pose to the ways that historians have typically approached the past, as well as their promise for reorienting scholarly inquiry.

Format: This is a seminar course that will meet every week for three hours. The seminar will be based in the shared consideration of the class readings. The course will be held in-person, so long as public health directives allow for in-person learning in the Winter term.

Questions? Please feel free to contact Professor Hogue at michel.hogue@carleton.ca if you would like more information about the course.