HIST 5700F: Introduction to Public History
Fall 2022

Instructor: Professor James Opp

Introduction: This seminar offers an advanced introduction to the theory, history, and practice of Public History. After acquainting ourselves with the emergence of public history as a field of historical inquiry, we will explore theories and practices of public histories through a variety of international contexts, scholarly traditions, and interdisciplinary approaches. We will encounter scholars and practitioners based in Canada and across the globe. The seminar will help us think through the implications of the “public” in “public history”, as well as consider how the scholarly and practical work of public historians has re-shaped history as a discipline. As the core course for the MA in Public History, time will also be devoted to practical methodologies and theoretical insights relevant to the field of public history that will help students in their research (for example in developing ideas for their M.A. Research Essays) and speak to their public history optional courses.

Class Format: This is an in-person, student-led seminar in a three-hour block. Some weeks may be set aside for field trips, depending upon availability and access. Graduate-level participation and engagement with the course material will be expected.

Text: TBD (but likely mostly focused on readings supplied through the course website)

Questions? Please email me at: james.opp@carleton.ca