Our students make history, they don’t just read it. 

Essays are just one way to explore the past.  Students at Carleton also write scripts, curate online exhibits, construct immersive digital projects, and produce documentary films. They engage with history in the real world through co-op and practicum opportunities for undergraduates and paid internships for public history MA students. These experiences prepare students for employment in a wide variety of cultural institutions.

Explore history using a diversity of sources, methodologies and media. Improve your critical and analytic thinking.

Carleton’s Department of History offers an intellectually stimulating culture, encourages students to participate in their communities and provides opportunities unique to the national capital. When students graduate, they are well prepared for employment in a wide range of professions.

For information about graduate school, including our leading public history MA program, go the Graduate Students page.

For information about research, including our Carleton Centre for Public History, visit our Faculty Research page.

Read about the projects completed by our undergraduate students: digital history projects, documentary films, activist blogs, and award winning essays.

Hear what two of our students have to say about studying history as an undergraduate at Carleton.


Kurt describes the skills he gained studying history at Carleton: “History as a discipline teaches you to think critically, to look at details, to interpret how things might go and how things might be based on the past. Those kind of analytic skills are infinitely valuable in the market place where people are trying to prepare for an uncertain future… Just because you are studying history it does not mean your [employment] options are limited to history.”


Victoria was in her final year of her degree when she was interviewed. She explains why she chose Carleton and describes some of unique opportunities she enjoyed during her undergraduate degree.

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