Ann Walton

Ph.D. Candidate

Degrees:B.A. Honours (Carleton), Master of Arts (Carleton)

Current Program (including year of entry)

Ph.D. History, 2016


Dr. Susan B. Whitney

Dr. Norman Hillmer

Academic Interests

Aging, private old age homes, retirement, work


Teaching Assistantships:

  • Modern Thought and Culture (A. B. McKillop), Fall 2014
  • The Social History of Alcohol, (R. Phillips), Winter 2015
  • Modern Thought and Culture (A. B. McKillop), Fall 2015
  • Historical Theory and Method (D. McNeil), Fall 2015
  • Canadian Social History (J. Walsh), Winter 2016
  • Introduction to Canadian History (K. Badgley), Fall 2016 & Winter 2017
  • Canadian Social History (J. Walsh, J. Opp), Fall 2017

Publications and Presentations:

Fire in the Belly: A Short Reflection on the Late Stan Rogers.” Active History. 25 July 2018.

“Studying the Art of Growing Old with Metchnikoff, Hauser, Lowman, and Thompson: Advice about Aging, 1900-1960.” M.A. Thesis, Carleton University, 2016.

“Going it Alone: Aging and the Myth of the Endless Future.” Paper presented at Underhill Graduate Colloquium, Carleton University, ON, March 10, 2016.

Kenneth Dewar, Frank Underhill, and the Politics of Ideas.” Active History. 17 June 2015.

Description of Research:

My research on aging takes us into private old-age institutions of early twentieth-century Canada, such as Strachan House in Toronto. Originating with the aim of keeping elderly husbands and wives together, I explore how elderly men and women moved through (or avoided) these residential institutions, how they navigated them in gender specific ways, and how they transitioned (or not) from workers to retiring senior citizens.