Photo of Bonnie Bates

Bonnie Bates

Candidate, M.A. History and African Studies

Degrees:B.A. Hons. Art History and History (Carleton)

Current Program

M.A. History and African Studies (2014)


Dr. Susanne M. Klausen

Research Interests

North African and Saharan history, culture, women, gender, identity, language, religion, politics.

Select Publications and Presentations

Contributor to the Politics of Memory blog, including:

  • “Contemporary Media Narratives on South Sudan” (June 2014)
  • “LGBT Genocide in Contemporary Uganda” (August 2014)
  • “Contemporary Tuareg Music and the Pursuit of History” (September 2015)

Teaching Experience

Guest lecture on Tuareg history and culture, as part of AFRI 2706A (Summer 2015).

Description of Research

Writing Women Out of History: Islam and the Growth of Written Culture in the Sahara: Examining how gender is shaped by language, culture and the writing of history, my research explores the schism between Tuareg-Tamasheq oral history as communicated by women, and the rise of an Islamic-Arabic written history of the Sahara, produced by men. The resulting gendered historiography wrote Tuareg women out of the history of their region, influencing foreign understanding of the Sahara, its peoples and cultures up to the 20th century.