David Laferriere

Degrees:Bachelor of Arts Honours Major in History (June 2020)

What is your favourite thing about the program?

The profs and the department staff, hands down. From the moment I transferred to Carleton, the professors and instructors in the History department were incredibly supportive and put together some great classes, while Tanya consistently went out of her way to help me and my classmates with our questions and concerns.

What will you miss the most?

The profs and my fellow students, obviously, but also the (remarkably underappreciated) Underhill reading room. So many hours spent there between classes, either working through readings and hammering out papers, or hanging out with classmates.

What is your favourite reading/book/text from the program?

“Alcohol: A History” by Rod Phillips; “Deconstructing the Map” by JB Harley; “Transnationalism and the French Nouvelle Droite” by Tamir Bar-On; “Divided Kingdoms, 561 CE: Player’s Handbook” by Max Cronkite and Marc Saurette (ie. the core document for the awesome Medieval classroom game).

What’s next for you?

I’ll be starting an MA in Fall 2020 at Carleton’s Norman Paterson School of International Affairs.