Emmanuelle Masclet

Degrees:Bachelor of Arts Honours Major in History, Minor in Art History (June 2020)

What is your favourite thing about the program?

My favourite thing has been the diversity of courses offered throughout the undergraduate program. It allowed me to discover or re-discover under a different angle specific aspects of transnational history.

What will you miss the most?

I will miss the weekly 4th year seminars where exchanges of ideas opened the conversation between the students and the professor. It always has been beneficial for constructing better arguments and being proposed in small groups, it was a great way to share with everyone involved.

What is your favourite reading/book/text from the program?

The Soviet Experiment from Ronald G. Suny has been my favourite textbook. Read cover to cover in 3rd year, I referred to it in my 4th year seminar on Everyday Life in The Soviet Union. It is very well structured and accessible which made it a great support for further studies in the Soviet field.

I must list the book Things Fall Apart from Chinua Achebe which I read for a 2nd year course on ancient Africa. This book has generated many inspiring discussions for the purpose of the final paper but also with friends and colleagues outside of the university. A must read.

What’s next for you?

I will start a MA research in September 2020 with a topic on the Irish Famine of 1845 . My angle is still to be determined but will include medical elements. This is motivated by my interest in pandemics whether by diseases or by the consequences of natural disasters as well as my medical profession.