Photo of Jenn Ko

Jenn Ko

Candidate, M.A. History

Degrees:Bachelor of Journalism (Carleton)

Current Programs:

M.A. History (2016) and Curatorial Studies Diploma (2017).


Prof. Daniel McNeil and Prof. Marilyn Barber

Academic Interests:

Migration and Diaspora, Chinese-Canadian History, Affect Studies, Memory Studies, Postcolonialism, History of Hong Kong.

Select Publications and Current Projects:

Jenn is involved in various projects at Carleton. She is currently serving as the Migration and Diaspora Studies Initiative Research Assistant for 2017-2018. She is also working as a Research Administrator for the Carleton University Disability Research Group.

Select Conference Publications:

In the past, Jenn produced a short documentary film which was screened at the 2016 Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival. Recently, she worked as a curatorial assistant at the Canadian Tulip Festival, where her duties included researching, writing, and acquiring artifacts for a small exhibit to be shown at the 2017 World Tulip Summit. She also freelanced with a local historical consulting firm to assistant produce a short documentary for the Métis Nation of Ontario.

Teaching Experience:

  • Historian’s Craft (P. Nelles), Fall 2016
  • Historian’s Craft (D. Marshall), Winter 2017
  • 2017 Historical Thinking Summer Institute

Description of Research: 

Jenn is currently working on her M.A. thesis, which explores the experiences of diasporic Chinese in the Greater Toronto Area and Hong Kong. Her research will record oral histories, staging an encounter between diasporic experiences and the anthropology of health and healing. Her work will culminate in a documentary film and written report.