Photo of Kathryn Boschmann

Kathryn Boschmann

M.A. History Student

Degrees:B.A. Hons (Winnipeg)

Current Program (including year of entry)

M.A. History, 2013.


Drs. Joanna Dean and Bruce Elliott

Academic Interests

Oral history, performance, space and landscape, digital history, migrant experience, and notions of identity and community.

Select Publications and Current Projects

Conference Presentations:

7 March 2014: Underhill Graduate Student Colloquium. Paper: “Narrative Boundaries: Mennonites, Manitoba Free Press, and the Negotiation of Nationalist and Ethnic Identity, 1914-1920”

2 May 2014: Fort Garry Lectures: Graduate Student History Conference 2012. Paper: “Sensing Childhood: Embodiment and Nostalgia in Oral History.

22 November 2014: New England Regional Meeting American Conference for Irish Studies. Paper: “Looking For Ways to ‘Be Irish’: Performance and the Irish Community in Winnipeg in the Post-War Period”

Teaching Experience

September 2011 – April 2013: Teaching Assistant (Marker). Institution: University of Winnipeg. HIST 1010 Introduction to History: Aboriginal Peoples of the Americas

September 2013 – April 2014: Teaching Assistant. Institution: Carleton University. HIST 1300A The Making of Canada

September 2014 – Present: Teaching Assistant. Institution: Carleton University. HIST 1002A Europe in the 20th Century

 Description of Research

My research is centered on post-World War II Irish Canadian immigrants in Winnipeg, Manitoba, drawing primarily on oral history interviews. My thesis will examine the various ways this group has sought to “be Irish” within the context of a Prairie city and the experience of migration. I am particularly interested in traditional performance, relationships to space and landscape, as well as the ways in which people connect with and process the past.