Kirsty Schut

Contract Instructor

Degrees:B.Hum. (Carleton), M.A. Medieval Studies (Toronto), Ph.D. Medieval Studies in progress (Toronto)

Research Interests:

  • Later medieval intellectual and cultural history
  • Medieval (especially Dominican) education and pastoral care
  • Naples and the Mediterranean

I study the intellectual and cultural history of later medieval Europe, focussing on Christian scholars writing in Latin during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. I’m interested in the ways theology intersected with other subjects, such as medicine, law, ethics, and political theory, as well as the institutional contexts in which medieval scholars did their work, especially universities and the schools of the religious orders. I’m curious about the ways in which medieval intellectuals attempted to communicate their ideas to other members of society, and the extent to which their efforts were successful.

I am currently finishing up my dissertation, entitled John of Naples and Intellectual Life Beyond Paris, ca. 1300-1350. It uses the career and works of a Dominican friar as a window into the intellectual culture of Naples, one of late medieval Europe’s most vibrant cities, during the first half of the fourteenth century. The best part of my research is working with medieval manuscripts and documents: I work with sermons, academic texts, canonization proceedings, wills, law codes, and more, mostly via images, but sometimes in person!

My other interests include the history of animal-human relations (I taught a course on animals and humans in Europe before 1900 at the University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus last year), and popular religious practices, especially those related to relics and the cult of saints. I’m in the early stages of a second project on the custom of taking the habit of a religious order on one’s deathbed, which lasted from early medieval Europe into colonial North America.

Select Publications:

“The Next Best Thing to a Saint? Peter Lombard and the Sentences in the Principia of John of Naples,” Recherches de Théologie et Philosophie Médiévales 84.2 (2017): 343-81.

“Jews and Muslims in the Works of John of Naples, OP,” Medieval Encounters (accepted)

“Politics and Power in the Works of John of Naples,” Archivum Fratrum Praedicatorum, n.s. 3 (accepted; expected publication 2018)