Photo of Meghan Caveen

Meghan Caveen

Candidate, M.A. Public History

Degrees:B.A. Honours History (Algoma University)

Current Program: MA Public History (2017)


Prof. Michel Hogue

Academic Interests:

Indigenous studies, colonialism, gender studies, queer studies

Description of Research:

I will be looking at reconciliation in museums. I have some hands-on experience, as I physically transformed a trapper’s cabin to a Métis trapper’s cabin at a Pioneer Village, and have done research on the indigenous history of the Lake Simcoe region for the Sharon Temple. I think it’s crucial for museums and even galleries, to include indigenous histories, and stories and not just in special temporary exhibits, but in permanent exhibits, even if the museum has a very narrow and specific mandate, they should still include what is known about the land they are on and the communities that interacted with that space. All museums should also do key research, and verification on the artifacts they already possess that are indigenous, to tell better stories and histories. For example, verify that they are indeed arrow heads if they are on display, or tell the public how and when an artifact was used. I also think there is a need to deaccession artifacts, whether they were willingly or forcefully taken, back to their communities. Some artifacts are considered living and are a part of ceremony, so these more crucially than others need to be returned.