Photo of Monica Carcary

Monica Carcary

Degrees:Bachelor of Arts Major in History (Feb 2021)

What is your favourite thing about the program?

My favourite thing about the program was the flexibility of the courses I was allowed to take, as I was able to find out what types of history I most enjoyed. With the help of professors like John Walsh and David Dean I realized Public and Social History were my favourite topics. Additionally, I was able to be apart of the Capital History project with 2 boxes on the streets of downtown Ottawa and walking by those always give me a sense of pride.

What will you miss the most?

I will miss seeing my fellow classmates debate historical topics, instead it will just be me telling facts and my versions to friends and family. I will also miss the opportunities the program gave me, I was able to work with experts in Library and Archives Canada as well as present to the city of Ottawa our choices for stories that needed to be told. Furthermore, with the placement program I was able to work with the hospital right until the pandemic hit, a partnership I hope I can continue.

What is your favourite reading/book/text from the program?

My favourite text from the program was Home, Work and Play: Situating Canadian Social History by James Opp and John Walsh. The collection of articles in this text gave such a wide variety of research topics and areas to expand your knowledge on. It was incredibly interesting and began my interest in social history.

What’s next for you?

While I loved my degree in History, I am moving on to work at the Government of Canada. My knowledge and skills learned in my degree will become a passion project for me on weekends and evenings helping my dad continue our genealogical research, hopefully aiding the Ottawa hospital in their projects to come, and wherever my love for social and public history can take me. Just because you do not go into the area you studied, for work, does not mean a wasted degree. It means more opportunities for you to grow and follow your passion, you never know where it may lead you one day.