Photo of Rachel Scott

Rachel Scott

Degrees:Master of Arts in History – Public History

Research Essay:

“Hidden Histories,” Historical Fiction, and Intergenerational Traumas: An Examination of Ruta Sepetys and Lithuanian Diasporic Identity


Jennifer Evans and Erica Fraser

What is your favourite thing about the program?

My favourite thing about the public history program was the diverse perspectives and unique approaches to how we conceptualize history from investigating old survey planes at the Aviation Museum, flipping through photographs or debating theory with our peers, history is all around us.

What will you miss the most?

What I am going to miss most is the tight-knit community and wonderful support of both the History Department staff and my fellow graduate students.

What is your favourite reading/book/text from the program?

There were many insightful and thought provoking readings throughout the duration of this program. One of the readings that really stuck out to me was Steven High’s Industrial Sunset: The Making of North America’s Rust Belt, 1969-1984. This reading changed the way I thought about material culture by illustrating how physical spaces can perform history.

What’s next for you?

Now that I have my MA, I am looking in to starting my own business.