Photo of Rebecca Friend

Rebecca Friend

Degrees:Master of Arts in Public History (June 2020)

Research Essay:

Hollow Castings: Commemorations and Canadian Childhood


Monica Patterson

What is your favourite thing about the program?

Carleton’s Department of History was a supportive space intent on shaping its students into superior researchers and writers. The Public History MA specifically offered students invaluable access to Canada’s top museums and cultural institutions. The connections forged, whether through coursework or the internship component, were by far the best part of my experience in the program.

What will you miss the most?

I will miss most fondly the many faculty in the department who consistently strove to incorporate creative and unconventional teaching practices into their courses. Their enthusiasm for the varied topics and keen ability to merge practical and theoretical concepts will be warmly remembered.

What is your favourite reading/book/text from the program?

Greg Dening’s “Performing on the Beaches of the Mind: An Essay” was an artfully written exploration of historical writing as performance. It’s carefully crafted prose and eye-opening narrative will certainly remain with me and colour my future writing.

What’s next for you?

Capturing the changing landscape of the historical profession and cultural sector in a newly Covid-stricken world.