HIST 2308: Colonial Latin America
Winter 2024

Instructor: S. Lipsett-Rivera

Description:  In 1492, Spanish explorers met the Arawak people in the Caribbean.  This encounter was one of the first of the many meetings of the peoples who went on to form the rich and vibrant culture that characterizes Latin America. This class will follow the saga of Iberian colonization looking first at the great indigenous empires and civilizations such as the Aztecs, and the Incas and then continuing with the dramatic stories of the conquests of these peoples.  We will explore the societies, economies, and political systems that emerged as a result of the mixture of indigenous, European, and African people in the region.  We will also explore the religious practices including the Spanish Inquisition, culture both high and popular and many other themes. The course will follow a chronological framework with thematic content at certain points.


This class will meet in person. The course is organized around a two-hour lecture and one-hour discussion groups.