Instructor: Professor Joanna Dean

Course Description:

This course will provide students with the historical context for contemporary environmental issues in Canada.  We will examine five interconnected themes:
1) Conservation: national parks, forest reserves and wildlife refuges.
2) High modernism: dams, industrial farming, mines, industrial fishing and biotechnology.
3) Urban ecologies:  the entanglement of trees, rivers, and animals in the built urban environment.
4) Activism: science, counter culture and media in Greenpeace and Pollution Probe
5) Fossil fuels, appropriate technology and climate change.

The course is delivered in one, three-hour class each week, with a mixture of lectures, videos, discussions, hands-on projects, and field trips.  Students will be introduced to a variety of primary sources, including photographs, material artefacts, and letters. They will learn strategies for critical analysis of both scholarly and popular articles.

Students will be assessed through pop quizzes (10%); short writing assignments (20%) that culminate in a 2000 word essay (40%), and a final exam (30%).

Most readings are available electronically, but students are expected to purchase one book:  Neil Forkey, Canadians and the Natural Environment to the Twenty-First Century (2012).