Instructor: Dr. Hal Goldman

In this half-credit course we will study the history of the United States from colonial settlement up through the Civil War. During this period many people came to America because they sought greater economic opportunity for themselves and their children. Others were inspired to make the move because of a belief in radical political and religious ideas. Some were dragged to America in chains. Aboriginal people were already present when the first Europeans arrived. We will seek to understand American history and the American experience from the point of view of all of these people as they tried to make sense of the world around them while dealing with the myriad conflicts and challenges life in early America presented.

The material will be presented through lectures, readings in a textbook and additional outside texts, and discussion groups.  Attendance and participation in lecture and discussion groups is mandatory and students will be quizzed on readings and lecture material in most lectures and discussion groups.  In addition students will write one short essay on a designated text and have a take-home assignment which measures the quality of their study and reading of the material in this course.  There is no exam.