HIST 2710A: History of the Caribbean
Fall 2022

Instructor: Prof. Audra Diptee

Course Description:

This course introduces students to key topics that will give historical insight into the creation of the Caribbean.  Students will be exposed to scholarly readings as well as literature, film, music, and other forms of popular culture in an effort to critically analyze historical assumptions about the region.  The course will look at the waves of migration that led to the peopling of this region.  It begins with the migration of the indigenous population into the Caribbean, and moves on to deal with the arrival of Europeans, enslaved Africans, indentured labourers brought primarily from India and China, as well as later migration waves from other parts of the world.  Key themes addressed in this course include colonialism, slavery, migration, and imperialism. 

Class Format: This is an online course.  Each week students will be given access to a podcast that elaborates on relevant themes, they will be assigned readings, and will be expected to watch documentaries and listen to songs that convey particular historical narratives and sentiments.

Assessment:  Students will be required to complete regular online assignments that engage with the course readings and the audio-visible material available.  There will also be two required essays for this course.

Course Material:  Readings are comprised of various articles, available through, the Maxwell MacOdrum Library’s electronic reserve management system.

Questions?  Professor Diptee: audra.diptee@carleton.ca