Instructor: Professor Norman Hillmer

Office: Paterson Hall 446

The course canvasses Canada’s relationship with the United States from the late nineteenth century to the present. Taking into account interviews with members of last year’s class, there will be a particular consideration of twenty-first century events, notably the curious case of Donald Trump. By the end of the course, students will be able to research, write, and edit a professionally-executed briefing note, and they will have gained 1) a knowledge of the major impulses and main events in the relationship between the two countries; 2) an understanding of the size, shape, and structure of the relationship; 3) a familiarity with the place and importance of the United States in Canadian life; 4) an insight into debates about how to characterize the relationship – is Canada America’s twin, partner, or its satellite?; and 5) an ability to describe and analyse the origins, evolution, meaning, and content of “anti-Americanism.” The essay assignment challenges students to develop and defend practical policy options and recommendations in an academic, policy-relevant, historical environment. Since briefing notes are frequently used in business and government, this assignment is very helpful for the development of career trajectories.