Fall 2020

Instructor: Professor Joanna Dean

painting of a giraffe crossing

Giraffe Crossing (1827) by Jacques Raymond Brascassat (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zarafa_(giraffe)#/media/File:Giraffe_Crossing_(1827)_by_Jacques_Raymond_Brascassat.jpg)

Animals in History examines the long history of relations between humans and other animals: topics include fantastical animals in medieval bestiaries; working relationships with dogs, horses and elephants; the domestication of livestock; indigenous hunting; the rise of animal rights movements; the display of exotic animals in museums and zoos; and the invisibility of the modern laboratory animal. We will explore questions of animal sentience and agency, and ask how it is that humans have come to see themselves as separate from their animal kin. Students will work independently on a research project on a topic of their own choosing.

Because face to face classes are not possible now, the course will be offered online. Course content (powerpoint lectures, readings and videos) will be asynchronous: posted weekly to be accessed at the student’s convenience.

Students from disciplines other than history are welcome.

Questions? Please email: Joanna.dean@carleton.ca