Instructor: Professor A. Diptee

This course introduces students to critical readings that explore the relationship between power, knowledge, and imperialism in the Caribbean.  Students will look at the ways in which various historical narratives have been used to advance particular agendas in the region.

Themes include topics that address aspects of the tourism industry, international business, development, and humanitarianism.

Class Format: The class will be organized around lectures and discussions based on the course theme.

  • Assessment: Students will be assessed on their written work, class presentations, group assignments, and their participation in the class discussions.  There are no exams for this course.

  • Discussion Questions: Each week, students are required to come to class with at least three (3) discussion questions that are grounded in the assigned readings.  The questions should reflect some analytical considerations and will be used to guide the seminar discussion.

  • Student Participation: During class discussions, students must demonstrate that they have read and contemplated the assigned readings.  You will be assessed on the quality of your comments (not merely the quantity …)