HIST 3805A: Twentieth Century China
二十世紀的中國[Èrshí shìjìde Zhōng Guó]
Republicanism, Maoism, Corporatism?
Winter Term 2023

Instructor: Professor J. Kovalio

Dear Students, the warmest welcome back to traditional classes! Here is the basic information about this course:

A. China , the most populous state on earth and the third largest in geographical area ,is also one of a number of  civilizations with a continued history of about 3000 years. This intensive course, although emphasizing the period since the 1911 [Xinhai] Revolution, begins with an introduction of earlier eras and their legacy to today’s China. The subtitle refers to China’s three major political regimes since the 20th Today’s People’s Republic of China is a totalitarian, anti-democratic politico-social system with a successful State-capitalist economy – all dominated by the Chinese Communist (in name only) Party [CCP] under ruler Xi Jin-ping’s “socialism with Chinese characteristics for the new era,” in fact a most intriguing system reminiscent of the Corporatist regimes  of  prewar Italy and Germany. 

BClass atmosphere is stimulating. However, Social Networking and Texting in ANY form, as well as Eating  are allowed only during breaks.  

C- GRADING contains three elements: I– Attendance: 20%. II – One final , in-class identification and definition test-worth 30% of the grade. III-One research TYPEWRITTEN essay , worth  50% of the grade , due at term’s end, and which should include : 1 – A cover page. 2 – A summary page. 3Footnotes as citation style. 4 – Five sources – only ONE [ and not the main] wikisource . 5 No mandatory length–PARTICIPANTS MUST COMPLETE ALL ASSIGNMENTS IN ORDER TO BE IN GOOD STANDING.

D– The main learning tool for the class is Coursepack HIST 3805 : China since the Twentieth Century by Jacob Kovalio – 2022 edition – which will be available in the CU Bookstore at a nominal price. The traditional text for the course is Jonathan D. Spence’s classic The Search for Modern China [New York: W.W.Norton and Co., 2010]