Instructor: L. Brandon

War art is the visual culture that surrounds conflict; everything from paintings to posters, films, photography, propaganda, protest art and video games. In this course you will learn about war art in its historical context. You will see images of conflict dating from thousands of years ago to those only recently completed and you will understand how they relate to the events and society of their time. The overall context will be western war art and history with a special emphasis on Canada. The format will be lectures, discussion, and short student presentations on specific artworks and/or artists relating to particular battles or conflicts. These presentations will form the basis of your final research paper. A short report following a field trip to the Canadian War Museum art collection is also part of the course work. Available in paperback and eBook formats, Laura Brandon, Art and War is required reading. We meet on Monday afternoons from 2:35 to 5:25 pm.