HIST 1302A: Rethinking Modern Canadian History
Winter 2025

Instructor: Professor Laura Madokoro 

Introduction: Featuring a variety of topics and themes, this course explores the history of Canada from multiple perspectives. Lectures will be provided by a variety of faculty from the Department of History, each focusing on a different thematic and subject area to give students a broad sense of the people, events, relationships, debates, and structures that have shaped the history of Canada. As a result, students will explore the making of Canada both within and beyond its national borders in different forms and will be encouraged to probe received narratives and ask new questions about the past.

Class Format: The class meets once a week in a three-hour block that will be divided into different parts (lecture, primary source activity and / or discussion activities). With this mix of activities, students will explore the ways in which the history of Canada has been made and the way it is being remade in the present. 

Aims and Goals: This course aims to introduce students to diverse perspectives on the history of Canada through the presentation of different themes and subject areas. The goal is to develop a rich understanding of the ways that historians have approached the study of Canada, in addition to understanding key aspects the history of Canada as it has evolved over the years. The overall objective is to encourage students to ask their own questions about the history of Canada and to develop research, writing, and analytical skills to help with this process.

Assessments: There will be a mix of assignments for this course, ranging from short essays, primary source analyses, to written exams. The intention of each of the assignments is to further student knowledge about specific aspects of the history of Canada and develop foundational skills to help students successfully navigate their university careers.

Free Textbook: 

Belshaw, J.D. (2015). Canadian History: Post-Confederation. Victoria, B.C.: BCampus. https://opentextbc.ca/postconfederation/

Other readings will be available through the library course reserve system (ARES) and Brightspace.

Questions? Please email laura.madokoro@carleton.ca