poster to promote the course including a black and white photo of facial casts in white plasterInstructor: Sandy Barron

Introduction: This course will introduce students to the growing field of disability history. Together we will consider the representation and understanding of disability as it changes over time and as it is portrayed and experienced in changing cultural contexts. This course will address disability from the eighteenth to the twentieth-century and, differentiating between medical and cultural interpretations, will explore the social construction(s) of disability. Students will also have a chance to engage with public history initiatives, primary sources, and historical films that pertain to course content.

Class Format: This blended course includes three hours of lecture and discussion on Mondays, plus three hours of viewing and responding to films weekly.

Text: All readings and films will be made available through MacOdrum’s Ares service.

Assessment: Assessment will be based on a take-home midterm, film responses, a final project and other elements.