On March 5, 2018, CUPE 2424 initiated a strike against Carleton University. The university confirms that the campus is open and regularly-scheduled classes will continue.

During a legal strike, the striking union has the right to establish a picket line at the vehicle entrances to the campus. Therefore, it is likely that there will be delays entering and leaving campus.

It is legal for the union to communicate information at the picket line. On the other hand, students and staff, including members of the striking bargaining unit, have a legal right to cross the picket line. It is an offence for picketers to use force, threats or threatening gestures to block access to campus. Likewise, picketers should not be subjected to such behaviour.

Anyone crossing the picket line is legally obligated to do so in a manner that does not endanger the safety of any person. Some suggestions:

  • Approach a picket line as you would a busy intersection. Come to a full stop, watch for an opening and exercise caution before proceeding.
  • Keep personal bias and emotions in check. Be friendly or neutral.
  • Report any unlawful picket activities to your manager who will report it to the Department of University Safety.

If you are refused access to work by picketers, you should contact your manager or supervisor by telephone for instruction. Any incidents of intimidation, threats or violence should be reported to your manager or University Safety (613-520-3612 for non-emergencies / 613-520-4444 for emergencies). Please keep a written record of the incident, the names of those involved and any witnesses.

Picket lines will affect vehicles and pedestrian traffic. Individuals travelling to the campus can expect delays and are encouraged to depart earlier to reach their destinations.

There will be service disruptions to OC Transpo bus services. Staff, faculty and students are asked to visit http://www.octranspo.com/updates for more information and alternate pick up and drop off locations. Taxi drivers are unionized and will honour the picket line. Taxi dispatch will advise callers of pickup arrangements. ParaTranspo and O-Train services to and through campus will be maintained.

Students are advised to visit https://students.carleton.ca/negotiations for specific information.

For further information regarding negotiations visit the Human Resources webpage at https://carleton.ca/hr/labour-relations/collective-bargaining-updates-2/.


Rob Thomas

Assistant Vice-President (Human Resources)