The Tuition Waiver Program is for Contract Instructors who are members of CUPE 4600, (Unit 2). An eligible Contract Instructor makes a written application for the Tuition Waiver directly to Human Resources who will verify the Contract Instructor’s eligibility and forward the application to the Business Office. The Tuition Waiver may be applied to courses at either the graduate or undergraduate level.

This policy covers members of the bargaining unit who have:

  1. Taught at least three (3) full credit courses or equivalent in the bargaining unit during the previous thirty-six (36) months;
  2. Taught at least one course during the twelve (12) month period immediately preceding the application for Tuition Waiver.

Should a Contract Instructor cease employment with the university the Tuition Waiver will continue to the end of the current term.


  • Individuals who are unsuccessful in a course must successfully complete the next course at their expense to re-establish eligibility for Tuition Waiver.
  • Requests for a Tuition Waiver will only be considered once the student has been admitted to his or her program of study.
  • The value of the Tuition Waiver will not exceed the tuition cost to a maximum of $700 in any twelve- (12) month period.
  • The Tuition Waiver does not exempt the student from the payment of incidental fees or the cost of required textbooks.

Application Procedure

  1. Complete the Contract Instructor Tuition Waiver form and have the Registrar’s office (Undergraduate or Graduate) verify student status.
  2. Submit the form to Human Resources where eligibility for the program will be confirmed as described above.
  3. Human Resources will forward the application to the Business Office where the Tuition Waiver will be applied to the student account by the end of the application month.
  4. The applicant may access his/her student account to verify that the tuition waiver has been applied.

Contact the Business Office for more information on Contract Instructor Tuition Waiver.