1. Medical and Dental Benefits at Carleton
  2. Claim Your Medical and Dental Benefits Online
  3. Health Care Partnership
  4. Dental Claims
  5. Drug Claims
  6. Vision Care Claims
  7. Extended Health Care Claims
  8. Emergency Travel Insurance

Medical and Dental Benefits at Carleton

To see your current benefit plan details, go to the Employee Services section on Carleton Central and click on Benefits and Deductions. To change your benefit information, please fill out the applicable form(s) and submit to Human Resources

  • Dental Claims
    Submit your dental claims on line or by mail. Some dental treatments require pre-approval before they can begin.
  • Drug Claims
    Submit your drug claims using your Pay Direct Drug Card or via the Assure Card Claim Form.
  • Vision Care Claims
    Claim eye exams online or via the Healthcare Expenses Statement. Claim glasses and contacts online or via the Visioncare form.
  • Extended Health Care Claims
    Instructions for submitting Health Care and Emergency Travel claims.

Claim Your Medical and Dental Benefits Online

Great West-Life administers the Health & Dental Benefits at Carleton University. Carleton employees with Great-West Life extended health or dental benefits can register on GroupNet, Great-West Life’s online benefits portal, to access a variety of personalized, user-friendly services in a secure environment.  There are many advantages to using GroupNet, including the ability to:

  • Access claim forms populated with your contact info to quickly and conveniently begin a claim
  • Check your dental care balance and the date of your next visit to the dentist
  • Access in-depth information on health issues, conditions and diseases, and take advantage of interactive health and wellness tools.
  • Save paper and sign up to have your benefit claims deposited directly into your bank account

Health Care Partnership

Carleton University has partnered with Health Care Partnership Pharmacies to provide Carleton University and its Employees with reduced costs for dispensing fees, and competitive drug ingredient prices and professional advice.

Dental Claims

Dental claims can be submitted in two ways, by electronic or mail-in submission. Some dental treatments require pre-approval before they can begin. This is called Predetermination of Benefits.

Submit your Claim Online

  • Many dentists will submit claims directly to Great West Life
  • You need to provide dentist with your employee ID (member ID) and the dental policy number (51801)
  • Some dentists will submit claims to Great-West Life but require payment for services. Great West Life will send the reimbursement directly to you

Submit your Claim via Mail

  • If your dentist does not use electronic submission they should fill out the “Dentist” section on the Standard Dental Claim form.
  • Complete the remainder of the form and submit to Great West Life
  • Claims must be submitted within 18 months of the date of service
  • Note: Do not sign the “assignment to dentist” section if you have paid the dentist

Drug Claims

Prescription drugs may be claimed either at the time of purchase by using the Pay Direct Drug Card or submitted later to Great West Life using an Assure Card Claim Form.

Use the Pay Direct Drug Card

  • Present your pay direct drug card to a participating pharmacy
  • The pharmacy will collect only the deductible and/or co-payment amount (if applicable) from the subscriber
  • The pharmacy will submit a claim directly to the insurer, who will pay the pharmacy

Submitting an Assure Card Claim Form

  • Submit an original itemized paid receipt and an Assure Card Claim Form
  • Please note cash register receipts or copies of visa receipts alone are unacceptable.
  • When medication has been injected by a physician, submit an itemized receipt and subscriber information as above. Cost of the medication only, and not the doctor’s fee will be eligible for reimbursement.

Vision Care Claims

Claims for Eye Examinations

Claims for Glasses and Contacts

  • Submit claims for glasses and contacts using the Visioncare Claim Form.
  • Bring the Visioncare Claim form with you when you purchase your lenses and frames. Ask the provider to fill out Section 4.
  • Obtain an original itemized paid receipt which includes: the vision prescription, a breakdown of charges for lenses and frames, and the date the glasses were picked up.
  • Claims must be submitted within 18 months of the date of service.
  • Note: If you want to submit online using GroupNet, you may do so, but ensure you have Section 4 of the Visioncare Claim Form filled out for your records.

Extended Health Care Claims

Pre-Authorization of Benefits

  • Under the extended health plan a few treatments require advance approval from Great West Life
  • Submit to Great West Life a Pre-Authorization Form (contact Great West Life for forms), as well as a doctor’s prescription with the diagnosis and prescribed treatment

Emergency Travel Insurance

If you are enrolled in Extended Health Care, emergency travel insurance is available to you and your dependents.

This coverage is called Global Medical Assistance and is provided by Great-West life.

To submit a claim for out-of-country medical expenses fill out the following forms and send to Great-West Life.

More information on travelling outside Canada: OHIP Information – Travelling outside Canada