Department of University Safety

If you are on campus and an emergency occurs dial 4444 from any campus phone or dial 613-520-4444 to coordinate an Emergency Response with Safety at Carleton. Carleton’s University Safety is great service that can assist you with your personal safety as well as property safety.

  • Working after Hours
    If you are required to work at night, on a holiday or outside of regular office hours, Carleton Safety has the Working after Hours Program in which you can notify them of where and when you are working on campus, so they can patrol your floor regularly and even offer to walk you to your car. To utilize this service, please contact (613)520-3612.
  • Emergency Notification System
    Carleton University has an emergency notification system should an emergency arise on campus. University Safety uses three means of communication to reach students, staff and faculty: emails to Carleton accounts, texts to registered cell phone numbers and a computer lockout for computers on campus. You can subscribe to emergency notifications to your cell phone on Carleton Central.
  • Emergency Evacuation Assistance
    Any student, staff or faculty member with special needs for assistance during a building evacuation has the responsibility to make this known to the University.  All information provided will be kept confidential and only those persons or agencies providing any required assistance will have access to these records.  If you require assistance, the Emergency Evacuation Assistance form must be completed and submitted to the Department of University Safety. Should your medical condition or any other personal contact information change, please advise the Department of University Safety by resubmitting the form.

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Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety provides consultation and support services to the University community on matters relating to environmental and occupational health and safety. The services provided are broad ranging, and include monitoring compliance to legislative requirements and developing health and safety related policies, programs, and procedures.

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