Sustainability at Carleton

At Carleton University, we believe that sustainability means to live, learn and grow within our campus community in a manner that protects and strengthens our physical and social environments such that the students, staff and faculty of future generations can continue to develop and enjoy our campus community.

Our commitment

This belief is underpinned by a commitment to embrace sustainability in many forms and in many aspects of operations – including research and academic programs. To ensure a cohesive and structured approach that is sustainable in itself, the sustainability strategic plan is our way of embedding this commitment into all campus operations.

You can learn more about our current plan here, including our commitments and key objectives.

Our progress

We report on our progress annually to the community as a means of providing ongoing engagement. You can download our most recent snapshot of progress with key updates around energy use, campus planning and culture change. This highlighted a reduction in electricity, gas and water use, achieving Silver AASHE stars rating for our campus wide programs and being certified to Campus Fairtrade status.

Sustainability Opportunities for Staff and Faculty

While our plan outlines our commitments, we also believe that working sustainably is everyone’s responsibility. The good news is that there are many ways for you to get involved; from taking advantage of car pool programs, using the bike share program, to reusing you mug at a café or saving electricity in the office, we can all participate. Below are some more formal examples of how you can make a meaningful contribution on campus.

Take the Sustainability Pledge

The purpose of the pledge is to put Carleton University’s sustainability commitment into action. By committing to the pledge, students, faculty, staff can join forces with the University in our efforts to make Carleton more sustainable.

Employee Sustainability Guide

As a Carleton employee, there’s a lot you can do to contribute to our sustainability strategy. Use the Employee Sustainability Guide to help you make green choices throughout your workday.

Eco Reps Program

Eco Reps are a network of staff volunteers with an interest in sustainability issues. The program provides staff members with opportunities to influence positive changes in their workplaces and help the University to fully embed sustainability practices across the campus.

Green Workplace Certification

The Green Workplace Certification is designed to educate and encourage members of the Carleton community to adopt sustainable practices in their workplaces. The checklist offers action items that promote environmental vitality, human health & well-being, and financial viability. We hope it inspires you to develop creative solutions to sustainability challenges in your workplace.

Campus Tour

We have also produced a walking guide to sustainability operations which includes an overview of key programs and developments. The guide can be downloaded here.

Learn more about sustainability at Carleton.