Welcome to Carleton University!

Carleton Staff

Welcome to our community of talented, committed and enthusiastic faculty and staff!  We are dedicated to excellence and to supporting the education and research that distinguishes Carleton as Canada’s Capital University.

Carleton is much like a small town with numerous resources and services available to you.  We encourage you to explore the Get to Know Campus section of our website for information on parking services, our tunnels, food services, the post office, ATM locations and more.

As a new employee you probably have questions about your benefits and pay.  Carleton Central is where you will go to access your pay information, tax forms, pay deductions, benefits, beneficiary information, and leave balances (where applicable).  You can also change your personal information on Carleton Central including address, phone number, and emergency contacts.

We are pleased that you have chosen to be a part of Carleton University and look forward to your contributions to its success!


If you’re a new continuing or term employee working,  you will be scheduled for an orientation session.  Please note that if you are a casual employee, you will not be scheduled for orientation, but must fill out the Personal Information Form and return it with the noted documents to 507 Robertson Hall.

After you accept your offer of employment, your Human Resources representative will contact you with the specific date and time of your orientation session—in most cases it will be the Monday prior to your first day of work.

In this hour long session you will:

  • Review your information package.  In this first part you will meet with either Kristi or Erica to learn about resources available to you, departments and services on campus, mandatory training, campus safety and other information to help you adjust to your new workplace.
  • Learn about your benefits.  In this second part you will sit down with our Benefits Coordinator, Lori, for a review of your benefits package.

This orientation session is an opportunity for you to meet your HR team, ask questions and learn more about our campus community.  It is at this session that we will also begin your payroll process.  As such, please bring with you:

  • A blank cheque or a Direct Deposit Authorization Form (available from your bank)
  • Your Social Insurance Number (SIN) card
  • Proof of date of birth – bring government-issued photo ID (examples: Driver’s License, Passport)

If you have been hired from an international location you must also provide:

  • Work or study permit / VISA – A valid work or study permit is required for employment for international students and foreign workers.  A work permit is not required if you are registered as a full time student in continuing study. Proof of student status (study permit) must instead be provided to Payroll Services.   A work permit will become necessary once the student’s status changes from full time enrolment and their study permit becomes invalid. More information on applying for a study or work permit can be found on the Citizenship & Immigration Canada website.
  • Passport
  • Proof of University Health Insurance

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or you can directly email the HR Advisor who sent you your offer of employment.