If you are not currently employed at Carleton University, but have been in the past, you will find everything you need in this section.

Retirement and Pension

This section contains information on your retirement plan, planning for your retirement, and the various forms associated with your retirement.

Tax Forms

T4 and T4A information slips are produced for all employees for the calendar year in which earnings were received. This section contains video walk-throughs for accessing your T4s as well as frequently asked questions about T4s.

Record of Employment

You are eligible to receive a Record of Employment (ROE) if you have had a work stoppage in excess of five working days. An ROE is required to apply for Employment Insurance benefits.

If you were a casual employee, you will be able to request your ROE here.

Letter of Employment

A letter of employment is typically requested for proof of employment while still actively working. However, former employees sometimes require one to show employment history.

Dependent Information

This section contains information for the dependents of current and retired employees.

Benefit Claim Forms

This section contains benefit claim forms for employees and their dependents.