The forms on this page are to be used for the purposes of hiring, reviewing employee performance, and job setup and payment.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact human resources for assistance at (613)520-3634, or at

Hiring a new Employee

Form Name Description
Documenting your Staffing Decision
Successful Candidate
Unsuccessful Candidate
Document the conclusion of your staffing decision using these two forms, and return to your HR Advisor.
Reference Interviewing Guide Use this document when conducting a reference interview for a potential employee in consultation with HR Advisor.

Job Setup and Payment

Form Name Description
Acting Assignment Request Submit this form to your HR Advisor to request the start of an acting assignment.
Casual Employee Assignment/Payment Form For employees who have completed 2 months of employment (working more than 24 hours per week) and are eligible to be included in an employee group.
Short-Term Casual Employee Assignment Form Use for short term assignments up to 3 months or when hours of work are less than 24 hours per week.
Grant Funded Appointment and Extension Use this form if you would like to use payroll services for your Grant Employee. …More
Hourly Pay Submission Form For payment of hours worked (non-recurring payments).  Return to HR when complete.
Payroll Profile Use for hiring students or when a new casual employee is hired and payment is funded by a non-operating account. For help see these Instructions.

If your employee is being paid out of a research fund, their payroll profile needs to be signed off on by Research Accounting before it can be processed by Payroll. Make sure you allow enough time for any paperwork to arrive in Human Resources by the deadline – this might mean submitting forms early.

Personal Information Form New casual employee’s must fill out this form and return it to HR.
Replacement Employee Assignment / Payment Form Use when a replacement employee is hired.
TA Assignment of Duties This form must be filled out for every new TA position.
Undergraduate TA work assignments are completed by the hiring department.
Please complete a Payroll Profile and return it to Payroll Services. Funding for graduate student TA’s is initiated by Graduate Studies and forwarded to Payroll Services.
For help see the TA Assignment of Duties – Instructions document.
 Procedures for Processing Article 19.2 Requests form T2200 Declaration of Conditions of Employment Under the CUPE 4600-2 Collective Agreement (“the Agreement”) members may request the Employer complete the form required by Revenue Canada to support a claim for home office expenses (e.g. Form T2200 Declaration of Conditions of Employment).  These procedures explain when and how the form should be filled out.

Employee Review

Form Name Description
Interim Probationary Review Report Complete half-way through your employee’s probationary period.
Final Probationary Review Report Complete at the end of your employee’s probationary period.