Learning Development Plans

Learning and Development plans are set through the PDP on an annual basis and reviewed by staff and management on an ongoing basis to ensure development opportunities are meeting the requirements of the role and providing staff the tools they need to be successful.

Learning and Professional Development Services are able to assist managers in supporting the ongoing development of their team member.  Advice is available for  managers on how to provide developmental feedback through your HR Partner as well as attending onsite workshops.

For example, the Fierce Conversations workshop that drives results by improving workplace communication. Having Fierce Conversations promotes respect, honestly and accountability in our organization. The Foundations workshop covers: the foundational principles, team, coaching, delegation and confrontation conversations. You can find out more information at Fierce Conversations at their website here: http://www.fierceinc.com/conversations-training.

For information on Learning and Development programs and to register for workshops click here.

If individual performance challenges arise, Human Resources is available to assist managers in identifying and applying corrective measures.  Please contact your HR Partner for more details.