It is the managers responsibility to monitor attendance, ensure that leave reports are completed and signed for all employees in department, and accept a return to work assessment and accommodation requirement.

Please notify the Benefits Coordinator in the following situations:

  • A workplace accident or illness
  • Sick leave in excess of one month
  • Excessive use of sick leave
  • Any medical accommodations required

When an absence occurs, an employee is required to notify the manager of:

  • The absence in advance of the scheduled work time
  • The anticipated duration of the absence
  • Any change in the duration of the absence

The employee should also follow the procedures in their collective agreement regarding absence from work.

Recording and Reporting an Absence

When informed of an absence, the manager records the information provided by the employee, advises the employee if a medical certificate is required, and reports absences in excess of one month or prolonged absences to Human Resources.

A medical certificate may be required:

  • as outlined in the collective agreement
  • when an employee has been previously advised in writing that a certificate is required for every absence
  • after an extended illness to confirm the employee’s fitness to return to work

Submitting Leave Information

Departmental Administrators submit leave information once a month for employees in their department. The banner system is used to report leave data for employees in CUPE 2424, the administrative technical exempt group and management staff. The types of leave that can be entered include Vacation, Sick, Special, Overtime and Bereavement.

Leave administrators have from the 1st to the 16th of the current month to submit leave for the previous month.

Missed Your Deadline? You will have to wait until the next leave period to enter the time taken for the month. Please enter all leave information for the missed leave period in the second available column in the calendar.  See the Leave Reporting Instruction Manual for detailed instructions.

New leave administrators, please contact HRIS to make  arrangements for your security access and training on leave entry.

If you require a backup, please contact HRIS to setup an alternate person to enter leave in your absence. HRIS will set them up with security access and provide training.

Contact Payroll Services for help.

Leave resources:

Need to update the Leave Administrator(s), Approver, or Proxy?

If you want to add or change an administrator, approver, or proxy to your T-org, please fill out the Department Time/Leave Entry Access Request Form.

Managing Annual Leave

Managers have a responsibility to:

  • Schedule annual vacations to meet operational requirements
  • Consider the annual leave requests of employees
  • Resolve scheduling conflicts within their organizational unit
  • Monitor and report annual leave monthly
  • Work with employees to reduce accrued annual leave in excess of 30 days

Managing Sick Leave

When an Employee is on Sick Leave, managers must perform certain tasks:

  • Absence of More than 5 days
    • Contact the employee by telephone to determine a probable return to work date
    • Remind the employee that a medical certificate is required
    • Ask the employee if they require any medical accommodations upon their return to work
  • Absence of More than 20 days
    • Maintain regular contact with the employee
    • Remind the employee that a medical certificate is required
    • Contact the Benefits Coordinator in Human Resources to discuss the appropriate course of action
  • Absence of 60 to 180 days
    • Maintain regular contact with the employee
    • Follow the course of action agreed to at the twenty (20) day point
    • Verify the employee’s possible work accommodation, sick leave end date and long term disability status with the Benefits Coordinator