As a manager, your goals in recruitment are to attract the best qualified candidates for the job.  Your management of the recruitment process will directly affect the quality and diversity of your applicant pool, the effectiveness of your interview, and how quickly you get your position filled.

Our HR Advisors are here to help by providing assistance in developing an effective recruitment strategy, as well as participating in selection panels and providing assistance in identifying the best candidate for the job.

This section provides guidance on creating and submitting a job requisition, attracting the best candidates, and interviewing candidates.

Creating a Job Requisition

All job requisitions require an updated and approved job description. Tim Taylor, our Senior Compensation Analyst can help with the following:

  • Job Description – Assistance in studying jobs to discover their skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions requirements, as well as assistance in guiding leaders through the job description process. Services also include maintaining accurate and up-to-date job and organization chart records. – Instruction Manual for the Completion of Job Descriptions
  • Job Evaluation – job evaluation services to ensure timely, fair and appropriate job classification.
  • Compensation Benchmarking – Research and analyze trends and practices in the external labour market for the purpose of ensuring fair and competitive compensation practices.
  • Salary Administration – Deliver services to ensure timely, fair and appropriate salary administration.

Once complete, send the job description for evaluation to Tim Taylor.

Submitting a Job Requisition

Many aspects of the hiring and recruitment process are now automated through our Electronic Recruitment System. Much of the process takes place online for applicants, departments, and central HR.

To submit a job requisition, login to the Electronic Recruitment System and follow the steps to complete and submit a job requisition.  If this is your first time accessing the HR Electronic Recruitment system please contact your HR Advisor for your login and password.  Once you have submitted your requisition, your HR Advisor will contact you and guide you through the recruitment process.

Attracting the Best Candidates

In addition to your job posting on Carleton’s Career Opportunities website (powered by Njoyn) you may wish to consider external advertising to attract a qualified, diverse pool of applicants.

To explore this possibility, contact Kristi Wells or Erica Shadford for more information.

Interviewing Candidates

Form Name Description
Documenting your Staffing Decision
Successful Candidate
Unsuccessful Candidate
Document the conclusion of your staffing decision using these two forms, and return to the HR Advisor who attended the interviews.
Reference Interviewing Guide Use this document when conducting a reference interview for a potential employee in consultation with your HR Advisor.