The Occupational Health and Safety requires that the existence of any hazard in the workplace be reported to the employer or supervisor. Only if a hazard is identified can actions be taken to address the hazard, and hence reduce the potential for the hazard to result in a negative impact on our university community.

As a manager  or supervisor, your responsibilities include:

  • Provide first aid and keep a record of the first aid given
  • If only first aid is provided, completion of the WSIB Form 7 is not required
  • If more that first aid is required, arrange for medical treatment of injured persons and provide transport to a medical facility, doctor, or the workers home as necessary
  • Complete the appropriate sections of the WSIB Form 7 and forward to Human Resources within 1 day
  • Investigate all incidents involving injury and/or illness
  • Complete the Carleton University, Supervisor’s Incident Investigation Report Form and submit it to Environmental Health and Safety within 1 day of the incident
  • Ensure that corrective action has been taken to prevent a recurrence

For more information and to access the required forms, visit the Environmental Health and Safety website.