Carleton University employees are paid twice a month.

Accessing your Pay Details in Carleton Central

Direct Deposit Advice’s (DDA) from 2004 to present day are available online at Carleton Central. View your current DDA one business day before pay day.

Personal Banking Information

Due to privacy legislation, changes to bank information must be made in person.  Visit Payroll Services in 507 Robertson Hall to change your personal banking information. Bring with you:

  • A void cheque or a Direct Deposit Authorization Form (available from your bank)
  • Photo ID (examples: Driver’s License, Passport)

Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage Rate October 1, 2015 October 1, 2016 October 1, 2017
General Minimum Wage $11.25/hr $11.40/hr $11.60/hr
Student Minimum Wage $10.55/hr $10.70/hr $10.90/hr

Note: student employees are students under 18 years of age employed for no more than 28 hours per week (or employed on school holidays)

Statutory Holiday Pay

All employees are entitled to statutory holiday pay.

The employee must have worked their full regularly scheduled shift before and after the statutory holiday to receive this pay. Please note: if the supervisor grants the day off, it is not counted against the employee’s statutory pay. Even if the employee is granted the day off due to illness, he or she will receive statutory holiday pay. Only in circumstances where the employee does not show up and does not have permission to take the day off, statutory holiday pay may be withheld.

To calculate statutory holiday pay:

  • The total number of hours the employee has worked in the 4 weeks (a week being Sunday-Saturday) prior to the holiday ÷ 20 = # of hours in department time entry under code 299
  • For example: 35hrs/wk x 4 weeks = 140 ÷ 20 = 7

Working the Statutory Holiday

If the employee worked on the statutory holiday, he or she is entitled to Premium Pay (1.5 times the employee’s regular rate of pay).  To enter Premium Pay, enter the actual hours worked to earning code 331 (Casual overtime/premium pay).  In addition, the employee is entitled to their statutory pay (use chart above to calculate)

This is an example of an employee’s Dept. Time Entry:

  • 331: Casual overtime/premium pay = 7 hours (actual hours worked at 1.5 of hourly rate)
  • 299: Stat holiday pay = 7 hours for the holiday (Special rate = regular hourly wage)

More Public Holiday information can be found on the Employment Standards website.  Please direct any questions about public holiday pay to Payroll Services.