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Graduate students who are working out of a research fund are paid using the Graduate Job Requisition System, which can be found in Carleton Central.

This is a tool to facilitate the creation of casual payments. Currently, the system supports the creation of grad student Research Assistant jobs. Access should be granted automatically when individuals are set up as research authorities.

Instructions on how to access this system and process payments can be found in the guides below. If you do not have access, require assistance, or have a question that is not answered in the FAQs below, please contact us at humanresources@carleton.ca

System Instruction Guides

Important Notes About Dates

  • The start and end dates on your requisition must be within the same term (i.e. for Fall term, dates should be between September and December)
  • Only graduate students that are registered for the term specified by the begin and end dates of the job are to be setup with a job requisition.
  • Deadlines to accept payment can be found here.

Fall 2020 Process

  • Due to the restrictions placed on international students entering Canada during the pandemic, those students who are considered non-residents (i.e. are not entering the country)  can only be engaged to conduct research (Research Assistant) if the research is to further the education and training of the recipient (Type A payments). Only students considered residents of Canada and holding a work permit (if applicable), can be engaged on a research project, where the recipient is paid for work performed and where the grant holder has primary control over all aspects of the research (Type B Payments).
  • Type A payments do not require student sign-off in the Graduate Job Requisition System, funding will automatically be applied to the student’s account after financial approval is complete.  Please contact Student Accounts Receivable if you need to cancel or adjust a Research Assistant Type A payment that has a status of ‘loaded to SAR’.
  • Type B payments still require student sign-off in the Graduate Job Requisition System.  The student will be contacted via email to log into the system to accept their payment.


Process Flow



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