The Purpose of Professional Development

A success employee experience equals a successful student experience.  Carleton University’s Professional Development Process (PDP) supports that by defining expectations, align individual objectives with the University’s strategic objectives, as outlined in the Strategic Integrated Plan (SIP)  and to serve as a talent management tool. The PDP promotes employees working together to achieve their full potential in their jobs. It also provides a tool to document objectives, capture feedback and inform career development discussions.

The purpose of giving feedback should be to begin a dialogue so both parties come to greater shared understanding, where, as a starting point you communicate:

  • your understanding/interpretation of a situation or circumstances
  • your expectations
  • your appreciation (if appropriate)

The purpose of giving feedback to someone is to change them. That’s not something you can do as a manager or peer; only the person themselves can initiate change.

Professional Development Process (PDP)

The PDP is designed for employees and managers to work together to help employees reach their full potential in their jobs. It is mandatory for Administrative Technical Exempt and Administrative Management employees.

The form is now online in our Halogen TalentSpace .  Log in using your Carleton credentials.

Tool Kit for the Professional Development Process (PDP)

Year End PDP Tool Kit

Objective Setting Tool Kit